Door to hell. Turkmenistan cavern fire. gas crater darvaza

door to hell turkmenistan darvaza Door to hell. Turkmenistan cavern fire. gas crater darvaza
The door to hell we are going to talk about is not up above the skies nor underground the depths of earth. It is door to hell in Turkmenistan, lately soviet union. It is nor a scientific darama nor a real door of hell that sinners would be sent to. But it is a natural gas crater hole which is burning for up to 40 years in Turkmenistan. Till 1991, this country was a part of Soviet Union, but after the division, it became a free country as Turkmenistan. Back in 1971, Soviet geologists started drilling this area of Kara-Kum desert near the village of Darvaza. They were supposed to seach for natural resourced like Oil and Gas. The ground beneath the drilling rig collapsed, and left a large hole of 70 metres. As this place is rich in natural Gas, the hole became filled with poisonous gases. Geologists started thinking on how to svae the towns near by this place from these dangerous gases. They came with an idea that fire should be lighted in the hole so the fire will consume all the fuel. Since that day, the door to hell hole is still burning but the gases did`nt end. This means, the Turkmenistan door to hell is burning for upto 40 years. [Read more...]