How to clean Flash pen drive – remove autorun .inf virus from USB & computer

What is Autorun.inf and Autorun virus:
Autorun.inf is not actually a virus, it is an important folder setting file used by system but it becomes malicious when some nasty virus replaces your original autorun.inf file with some virus coded file. In this situation, the file is infected with malicious code so it is considered to be an Auto-Run virus. At that point, it becomes necessary to restore the autorun.inf file to its default state.

What happens when your autorun.inf file is infected:
There are different uses of infected autorun.inf files by viruses. Mostly an infected autorun file will activate the virus inside a flash / pendrive automaticaly each time you plug the usb device with any computer. The virus will then copy itself to your hard disk`s drives and will over write the autorun.inf files of your hard drive partitions like c:/ or d:/ . Now if you unplug the flash drive from your computer, the virus will still remain in your hard drive and it will use autorun.inf files to keep the virus running on your computer.

how to get rid of autorun.inf virus manually:
If you wish to get rid of these viruses manually, first of all you,ll need to block the autorun of virus by removing malicious code from your autorun files. Weather it`s autorun file of your hard drive or the file of your flash drive, you,ll have to do this.

Now go to Folder options, select Show hidden files and folders
Also uncheck the following two options from there
a: Hide extensions for known file types
b: Hide protected system files

Now click Apply & Ok.

Now open the flash drive or C: drive or D: drive, open anyone.
There you,ll see an Autorun.inf file, open it.
edit autorun inf file 300x261 How to clean Flash pen drive   remove autorun .inf virus from USB & computer

The file should be opened in Notepad. When the file opens, it should be blank, a document file with no text. If there appears any coding, this means your autorun file is infected.

An infected autorun.inf file may contain text like the image below:
an infected autorun inf file with virus coding 300x165 How to clean Flash pen drive   remove autorun .inf virus from USB & computer

In the above image an infected autorun.inf file is shown which is given command to run the PageFile.pif virus automatically each time the drive is opened. The pagefile.pif can be a virus, if its a virus, it will be activated immediately on your computer.

Now Download the free process unlocker and install this tiny software on your computer.

Right click on the Autorun.inf file and click UnLocker, Now when the Unlocker opens up, click UnLock All or Kill All, now close the unlocker and DELETE the autorun.inf file immediately, after deleting the file, right click inside the folder and make NEW > TEXT DOUCMENT, give this document name AUTORUN.INF, if you are successful in deleting and creating a new autorun.inf file, you have controlled the virus from getting it activated. Now besides the AUTORUN.INF file, you will find other files like PAGEFILE.PIF, delete this file and any other suspicious file. If any file goes to error CANNOT DELETE, right click that file, select UNLOCKER and then click UNLOCK or KILL ALL, and then delete that file. Now restart your computer,
Hope your Flash drive or hard disk drive is virus free.

Its recommended to run a free Super Anti-Spyware or Malware Bytes scan to completely remove other bugs from your PC besides the autorun.inf because this tutorial basically helps you get rid of infecetd autorun.inf file.